Mary Dillon Kerwin

I founded Blue Strike in 2013 to provide straightforward solutions to nonprofit organizations looking to improve their fundraising. Believing that all staff and volunteers can be effective fundraisers, I advise organizations to use cost effective, proven methods of reaching donors; to invest in training their staff and volunteers in solid skills and techniques; and to leverage existing resources, rather than buying expensive gimmicks. 

My nonprofit career started in 1987 with the United Way in Ann Arbor, Michigan where I discovered that I loved connecting donors with good causes. My career led me to the national office of United Way of America where I had the opportunity to work with fundraisers across the country identifying and sharing best practices. Following UWA, I worked at The Campagna Center, a local charitable organization in Alexandria, VA serving low-income children; the National Women's Law Center where I raised funds to establish a permanent endowment; and the Nobel-prize winning organization Physicians for Social Responsibility. I now serve as the development director at the Association of American Law Schools.

I enjoy working with board members, executive directors and development staff at every level to set up and carry out fundraising campaigns. When people are passionate about an issue and dedicated to their organization, with a little encouragement and guidance, they can be successful fundraisers.